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In GOLDEA "The Roman Night", DuPont™ Surlyn® captures the contrasts of chiaroscuro



The GOLDEA 'The Roman Night' bottle, with its strong contrasts, is finished with a thick ultra-transparent Surlyn® cap, creating a masterpiece of design that emphasises the iconic black and gold Serpenti ring. (Photo © BVLGARI).

Following the style of the emblematic GOLDEA bottle, BVLGARI reinvents the packaging of its famous fragrance in a subtle symbiosis of light and shade.  The new packaging evokes the sensually romantic mood of a starlit night in the eternal city of Rome, cradled between mystery and fascination. For this latest fragrance in the GOLDEA range, BVLGARI has chosen a chiaroscuro bottle, capturing strong tonal contrasts. The deep black lacquered bottle is crowned with a thick yet uniquely transparent ellipsoidal cap, made of DuPont™ Surlyn®.

In GOLDEA 'The Roman Night', BVLGARI wanted to reinvent the GOLDEA history, while reinforcing the brand’s unique identity and design. They have retained the iconic water-drop silhouette of the GOLDEA bottle, but the cap has a unique design to differentiate it from previous editions: GOLDEA and Rose GOLDEA.  In each case, the side lenses of their caps are made of Surlyn®.  The cap of ‘The Roman Night’ is injected in one single shot. It diffuses the light and draws attention to the black and gold Serpenti ring - signature of the brand - which is reflected inside the cap.

For Matic Plast Milano, an Italian specialist in thermoplastic injection moulding, only the Surlyn® resin could meet the demanding specifications for this project. "We had to create a large ultra-transparent cap with excellent surface finish and an invisible injection point, all in one process; in agreement with BVLGARI, we naturally chose Surlyn®, a prestigious material that we have been working with for many years", says Giovanni Patti, President of Matic Plast Milano. “In addition, as we wanted to achieve the esthetical perfection of the final component and to exalt the luxury of the package, we have engineered and developed an innovative production process that has been registered as an international patent to safeguard the innovation and the process itself connected to it.” continues Giovanni Patti.

"We are pleased with this new collaboration between BVLGARI and Matic Plast Milano.  Surlyn® continues to be the reference material for brands in their range extensions, which allows transforming flagship designs into multiple variations," says Maria Carcolé, DuPont EMEA Marketing Manager Perfumes & Cosmetics.

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