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New Collection: Vinolok Premium


Vinolok introduces a new addition to the collection of Design Options: Vinolok Premium.

This new range of closures is absolutely outstanding and unique.


Following the market trend of consumers who aren’t necessarily looking for excess, but rather for simple luxury, Vinolok wants to help the premium brands to achieve a harmonized, high-quality image. The premium quality of the product is associated with the appearance of the package and Vinolok Premium completes the luxurious look of any bottle. The new collection and its creation is the result of the latest glass industry innovations, its glass-making tradition and know-how, and the market demand.


Vinolok is a member of Preciosa Group, a global leader in products manufactured from glass. Preciosa Group comprises of seven divisions. From the world famous Czech Beads and Crystal Components used in fashion industry, to tailor made Lighting projects for luxury hotels or casinos, the true craftsmanship of glass production has been present in Bohemia since 16th century

Vinolok Premium is closely linked with the heritage, provenance and authenticity reflecting its history. Preciosa, parent company of Vinolok and one of the leading glass production companies, gave the world Bohemian Crystal and nowadays is constantly developing new innovative products and technologies. Every year the company pushes beyond the limits of what is possible with glass and crystal.


In Vinolok all know that every individual is unique, so why should mass brands ignore that and treat us all the same? Thanks to customisation of packaging and labels customers feel that the producer is doing something special for them; that they are holding something exclusive and tailor-made. Vinolok Premium can be moulded into virtually any shape for a unique profile, to reinforce a brand image or build shelf distinction. This closure allows combining various materials with the singular properties of the glass closure.

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